It started with a twinge in my pec muscle. “Ah,” I thought, “I’ll just work through it and give myself an oil massage”.

So I proceeded with my normal daily routine, including my morning workout and picking up my 50lb “baby” multiple times each day with my right arm and sitting him on my hip (Parker will be 5 this fall but he still wants me to carry him everywhere! I try to say no, but he makes the cutest little face…I’m sure you get it).

Then, all of a sudden about a week later, I found myself in excruciating pain – my right shoulder was extremely swollen and I could barely move my arm without the feeling like someone was stabbing the front of my shoulder with a sharp knife (sorry for the grim visual).

I could hardly get myself dressed or brush my hair, and I’m a righty, so there are some things I am just not coordinated enough to do with my left hand.  This was not good – especially when I had a little one to take care of!

My chiropractor wasn’t open on Tuesdays, so I had to do something to alleviate the pain, and I hate taking pain relievers due to their negative effects, especially on the digestive system.

I rummaged through my “home apothecary”, and found a bottle of Banyan’s Joint Support that I had on hand for clients. I had yet to try it myself, but the ingredients sounded like a good fit for the situation, with boswelia and guggulu topping the list.

I new it would take a bit for them to start working, and I’d heard that cbd oil can help with pain. Luckily, I had some of that on hand, too. (I recommend organic, full spectrum cbd oil – Harrelson’s even has a roll-on gel, which I’m definitely going to order for the future!)

Although I’ve studied many of these herbs and know about their potent effects, I am always amazed when I experience something first-hand and have such great results, and this was definitely the case here.

The cbd helped to ease the pain almost immediately, and just a little while later, the herbs kicked in and the inflammation in my shoulder went down – A LOT. I was so relieved.

I’ve been continuing these daily as my shoulder heals, and have had great results. It’s been about a week now and I can finally blow dry my hair again (thank goodness – this South Carolina humidity is unforgiving on naturally wavy hair!)

I’m really lucky to have had these available when I needed them, and although my condition was acute, these are also great for chronic conditions.

For additional recommendations, you can check out Banyan’s Ayurvedic Guide to Joint Health.

Here’s to pain-free living!