Natural Energy


Herbal Basket Contents: 7 Herb Energy Blend, Ashwaghanda Tablets, Stimulating Kapha Tea
Optional add-ons: Stimulating Kapha Aroma Oil, Electric Diffuser

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How often do we reach for a cup of coffee or other energy drink/caffeine source for a quick pick-me-up, only to crash and burn a little while later? This is because caffeine stresses the adrenals and depletes our energy reserves rather than boosts them. The short burst of energy you feel is actually your deep reserves coming to the surface all at once, leaving you even more depleted once the effect wears off.

Our Natural Energy set was designed to help avoid the exhausting cycle of using caffeine products for energy, and instead cultivate natural energy that is more balanced, sustained, and doesn’t produce negative side effects.

Ashwahanda tablets can be taken daily to assist in building your body’s natural energy reserves, as it is known to increase energy and vitality, and support proper function of the adrenals.

7 Herb Energy can be taken anytime you need a quick, natural boost. A potent blend of Ayurvedic herbs known to calm the nervous system are combined with American ginseng and Chinese red ginseng for a caffeine-free lift.

Stimulating Kapha Tea is a delicious, stimulating spice blend that can help clear toxins from the digestive tract and kindle digestive fire, which are crucial components to allowing the body to access its own energy stores. Enjoy a cup after meals, or anytime you feel you could use a gentle boost for your mind or body.

Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to help restore balance, as the sense of smell is a quick and effect means for doing so. Stimulating Kapha Aroma is an optional, but beneficial add-on formulated from an invigorating blend of plant essences including eucalyptus, rosemary, and frankincense. Perfect for when you’re feeling run down or sluggish – simply use in a diffuser, or add a few drops to a base oil or bath.

Enjoy our Guide to Natural Energy as part of this set, which contains additional practices that can help you beat fatigue and find lasting energy on a daily basis.