Blissful Sleep


Gift Basket Contents: I Sleep Soundly Tablets, Sleep Easy Oil, Slumber Time Tea.
Optional add-on items: Slumber Time Aroma Oil, Electric Diffuser.

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Over the counter sleep medications can leave you feeling groggy and unrested the next day, almost as bad as not getting enough sleep. Ayurveda offers a more refreshing approach by utilizing gentle herbs and calming oils to combat the internal stress that can be affecting your sleep.

One or two I Sleep Soundly Tablets can be taken a half hour before bed, as well as sipping a cup of calming Slumber Time Tea. The herbs in these formulas are not harsh as are many over the counter alternatives, and will help you to wind down and relax in order to fall asleep more easily.

Sleep Easy Oil can be gently warmed and massaged into the soles of your feet, on your scalp, or anywhere else on your body that you’d like. The act of massage helps the body to relax by releasing neurotransmitters that can help you feel more peaceful and calm, and using an herbalized massage oil, such as Sleep Easy Oil, enhances these effects.

If you choose to add Slumber Time Aroma Oil to the set, this be used in several ways to promote calm and relaxation:
• *Add a few drops to the Sleep Easy Oil before applying it
• Put a few drops in a diffuser next to your bed for a calming aromatherapy experience
• Mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spray a mist over your skin or bed linens

*Be sure to do a test patch first to rule out any possible skin reactions by applying a small amount to the inside of your arm and waiting 24 hours to see if there is any irritation.

Our Blissful Sleep Guide is included in this set, offering additional tips and practices for getting deep, rejuvenating sleep and rest.