Herbal Wellness Gifts is a family run business founded by Ayurvedic Practitioner Liz Carnicelli, with the support of her husband Nick, and their son Parker.

Our mission is to make a positive impact on the world by spreading the wisdom of Ayurveda, including mindfulness practices, herbal remedies, aromatherapy and lifestyle routines. We do this by offering a unique line of gift sets tailored to common health goals that Liz sees in her practice. Our gift sets are made up of only the highest quality products from brands we trust to use on ourselves at home.

Liz Carnicelli

Liz - founder of Herbal Wellness Gifts

Since opening my private practice in February of 2013, I felt the need to reach more people to help them discover the profound mental, physical, and spiritual benefits of Ayurveda and its sister science, yoga. This is what led to the conception of Herbal Wellness Gifts. I’ve also been teaching yoga since 2012, and I incorporate practices such as pranayama (breath work), asana (physical postures), mantra, and meditation into my practice with clients. That’s why I chose to offer the guides as part of the gift sets, so that people can experience a well-rounded approach to their health concerns that wasn’t limited to just herbs and oils, although these can be extremely beneficial when used in conjunction with the more subtle practices.– Liz

Nick Carnicelli

Herbal Wellness Gifts - husband Nick

Since meeting Liz and starting our life together, I’ve learned so much and improved my habits for the better. I’ve cleaned up my diet, added yoga to my exercise routine, and I incorporate herbs, oils, and other practices such as breathing techniques into my daily routine. As a result, I’ve seen so many areas of my life improve including my sleep and energy levels, and I feel less stressed and more positive about things in general. I’ve also seen some other great health benefits including fewer issues with my digestion, and the ability to maintain my ideal weight easily. I’m so thankful for these practices that she introduced into my life, and I’m so excited to be able to share all that I’ve learned with others.– Nick

Parker Carnicelli

Herbal Wellness Gifts - son Parker

Parker was born at home on November 22, 2017, one day after Liz’s birthday. He was the best gift she could ever ask for and is now her inspiration for offering high quality, helpful gifts that will benefit people’s lives in so many ways. He loves milk, long naps, and funny faces from Daddy.

We hope you enjoy our gift sets and guides, and we look forward to serving you in many exciting ways as we continue to grow.

With love,
The Carnicellis