Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

Liz offers customized personal training with an emphasis on corrective techniques that will allow you to:

  • Eliminate back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Reach your ideal weight                                    
  • Increase your range of motion and recover from injuries
  • Decrease headaches
  • Improve confidence
  • Increase your energy
  • Make you stronger!

Did you know that poor posture and structural misalignments can be caused by emotions that we hold over time?

These imbalances can then lead to symptoms of back pain, knee pain, shoulder injuries, headaches, and more. In fact, the spinal cord directly affects every single function in our bodies, so when it is out of whack, all types of symptoms can appear on the physical, mental and emotional levels.

So it’s like a two way street – mental and emotional tensions that are not fully processed can lead to poor posture, and poor posture can exacerbate various mental and emotional states.

So what do we do?

Resolve the issue of course!

Liz likes to get to the root cause of your symptoms, because once we identify what’s driving them at their source, it is much easier to resolve them for good, instead of only getting temporary relief.

This is the heart of her holistic approach to Personal Training – not only does she utilize her knowledge of exercise science, but she also incorporates techniques from Ayurveda, including herbalized oils and herbs, as well as using the breath and body awareness techniques to help you find a deeper sense of release that will help you be pain free and strong.

And it doesn’t stop there – if you are looking to reshape your body by either increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing fat, or both, Liz can guide you on the most effective nutrition techniques for doing so, even if you’ve struggled with this before.

Sessions are available in the comfort of your home, or at Nyack Fitness (no membership required).

So if you’re ready to get started toward your goals, call or email for more info and to schedule a session. You’ll be so glad you did!

Liz Whalen

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor & Personal Trainer



What my clients are saying:

Not only was I starting to feel the benefits of strengthening the correct muscles I was working on, she also taught me about improving my posture, which dramatically reduced the pain I was experiencing in my neck and back.  Suddenly with Liz’s training, I was standing up straight.  She also educated me on healthy organic eating. 

This experience for me was more than just working out.  Liz completely changed my approach to how I went about my day.  I was eating better, feeling better, and with that combination, I noticed I was sleeping a lot better at night.  That boosted my energy levels and gave me shaper focus during the day. 

I highly recommend Liz as a personal trainer.  She is very energetic, has a great positive attitude, motiving, and before you know it she has you dancing in between sets.  Liz passing on her wisdom of corrective exercise, great workout program, and health organic eating plans has changed my life for the better.  I am extremely grateful to be her client.” – Nick C.


“I had been exercising regularly for some time, partially as rehabilitation for injuries to both of my shoulders, and for overall physical fitness. While I had the drive, I was never satisfied with the results. I work out at home and had thought about a personal trainer, but for various reasons I never moved forward. However, after hearing Liz speak about her process, I finally took the plunge and signed up with Liz for a series of training sessions. My only regret is that I did not hear about Liz sooner.

The two things that stand out the most is that 1) Liz provided training lessons to allow me to achieve my goals that I could not do on my own; and 2) Liz showed me not only how to properly do each exercise, but got me to understand that doing an exercise incorrectly is almost as bad as not doing the exercise at all. For example, in the past when I wanted to complete a set while working on my biceps, I would use my shoulders and back instead of my arms just to get to “10”. Liz taught me how to keep my shoulders back, my back straight, and my feet properly aligned. Liz was also able to add to my daily and weekly routines different stretches and core workouts that have worked wonders with my past injuries and have kept me from any further aches and pains.

Liz created a workout schedule that is challenging and never boring as I am able to work on different muscle groups throughout the week. Liz’s attention to detail has led to my vast improvement since we started working together. While I had never done a plank before I met Liz, I soon realized that a 45 second plank in perfect form is much more difficult, and will yield better results, than a 2 minute plank done incorrectly. Having the will to workout only gets you so far: you also need someone like Liz show you how to take your exercise routine to the next level, and how proper technique leads to incredible results. Now that I see a remarkable improvement, I look forward to exercising daily, have never looked better, and have never felt better.”  – David W.


“My friend and i have been working with Liz for 2 years. She customizes workouts for us that include strength training. cardio. yoga. workouts are amazing! We are runners so any ache or pain is addressed as she is very knowledgeable FYI she is also a blast so we have fun.” – Julie L.


“I must say that Liz and her workout plan she had made up for me has gotten me going to a better and fitter life! She’s there for you to make sure you have proper technique and keeps you motivated. I’m so glad I decided to have Liz help me on my way to wellness! I recommend her services for anyone who wants to have a better life!” – Johnny M.