Increasing Your Energy & Focus

What would your life or career look like if instead of spending all of your time struggling to muster up the energy to get things done…you were instead spending the majority of your time being super productive, and freeing up time to focus on the tasks that bring results and ultimately make you more successful?

Your life would probably be a lot easier, wouldn’t it?


That’s all possible when applying the principles of Ayurveda to increase your energy, eliminate brain fog and supercharge your focus and motivation.


Yet over 99% of people never have access to these amazing techniques that can result in a significant increase in productivity, efficiency, and happiness on a daily basis.


That’s why I’ve made it my mission to bring these powerful techniques to the public, to help you achieve everything you are striving for in your health and career.


To help you get started, I’d like to provide a few resources for you to explore.


The first is an article on an Introduction to Ayurveda. This will help set the stage for what’s the come next. Click here to check it out.


Once you’ve finished that article, you should be familiar with the term Vata Dosha. Vata is usually the driver behind an inability to focus or concentrate for very long. Also, when vata is depleted, our energy levels can be low. Click here for tips on how to manage vata to keep your energy levels high and your focus sharp.


Sometimes, however, ama (toxins) can be the driver behind low energy levels and brain fog. A consultation with an Ayurvedic Practitioner can help you determine if it’s imbalanced vata or too much ama causing your symptoms. But if you know it’s ama, cleansing can be a great way to eliminate it. Click here for some resources on how to do an Ayurvedic cleanse.


I hope these resources are useful to you! If you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and are interested in exploring options for customized care, feel free to reach out to me to schedule a session, or to have a brief chat to see if a private session is right for you.