Ayurveda & Wellness Coaching


Private coaching is designed to help those who want to:

– Increase their energy                                                                        pulse-pic
– Improve mental clarity & focus
– Resolve chronic conditions, such as indigestion
– Prevent more serious illness from occurring
– Boost their mood
– Decrease stress

Here’s How it Works:

The Prep:
Prior to our first session, you will receive a detailed intake form to fill out, which includes a link to a quiz in order to determine your unique constitution.

The Meetings:
Meetings can take place via Skype, Phone, FaceTime, or in-person at Liz’s offices in Rockland or Bergen County.

When we meet, I will create a specific plan of action for you, covering one or more of the five areas below:

– Holistic Nutrition (for Optimum Brain Function, Consistent Energy and to alleviate chronic symptoms)
– Personalized Exercise Recommendations
– Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Sleep
– Stress Managment & Mindset Hacks
– Entering “The Zone” – Your State of Peak Performance
– And more

During our sessions, I will also be training you in the techniques that I recommend specifically for you.

A sample of some of the techniques that I teach to immediately allow you to release tension and increase energy include:

– Transformative breathing techniques (Pranayama)
– Customized meditations
– Progressive relaxation
– Neurocognitive techniques for reprogramming your brain
– And more

Program lengths will vary depending on your goals, so I invite you to contact me to set up a time to speak with me to learn more.

My approach is centered around the uniqueness of the individual, and that applies to the program structure as well. Feel free to call me at 518-354-0088, or email me at liz@thewisdomofwellness.com and we can discuss.