I offer a variety of speaking formats on the topics of employee productivity and wellness. My focus revolves around helping employees to increase their energy, focus, productivity and motivation.

Specific topics can be addressed by request, for example “How to Avoid the Afternoon Slump”. In this presentation, I provide tools for helping employees keep their energy high throughout the afternoon (without resorting to coffee or sugar), thus avoiding the typically drop in productivity a couple of hours after lunch. (Plus, coffee at this time of day can affect our sleep, making us more tired in the morning, so this approach actually works to increase energy and productivity at all times of the day!).

Below is a list of the different format types I offer:

  • Lunch & Learns (45 min – 1 hour)
  • Workshops (1 – 3 hours)
  • In-depth trainings (half day and up)

Research has proven that happiness is the new productivity! My workshops are fun and engaging – email me to request a video clip from a recent talk, you will see the high level of interaction and attentiveness of the audience.

I incorporate a multi-sensory experience when I present, which allows me to not only keep the full attention of my audience, but it also allows them to better absorb and retain the information. Some people are visual learners, some audio, and some kinesthetic. I incorporate all of these into each presentation to make sure I am reaching everyone.

Email me at Liz@thewisdomofwellness.com to discuss how I can help you to create the most productive, positive work environment possible, and how to lower absences and reduce attrition rates.