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How Do You Inspire?

Being a great leader requires more than knowing the technical side of the business. It requires passion, purpose, and a strong presence that inspires and motivates everyone around you - at the office, and outside.

How often do things get so busy that you overlook our own wellbeing – physical, mental, and emotional, in the pursuit of running a successful business?

These factors all contribute to your level of performance, whether it’s immediately apparent to you or not.

Your relationships, your stress levels, and your energy levels, all determine how well you deal with various situations and how well you make decisions.

Are You Functioning at Your Peak, or Do You...

exhaustedFind yourself struggling to focus and lacking energy throughout the day?

• Notice that your mind is constantly racing with all the things you need to get done, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and depleted?

• Struggle to enjoy your free time because you feel exhausted, stressed out, or are too busy checking emails, or answering calls and texts?


A great leader requires a high level of self-mastery, it’s not enough to be an expert in your field, you must develop strong leadership abilities including emotional and social intelligence, to be at the top of your game.

Instead of feeling burnt-out and frustrated, how would you like to:

✓  Boost your brain power so that you can think clearly and have impeccable focus

✓  Be more decisive so that you can stop wasting time debating which decision is right

✓ Increase your energy levels so that you are not only more productive during you work day, but you also have sustained energy to enjoy time with your family or on personal interests

✓   Balance your mood so that you feel excited about what you are working on and about your life in general

✓   Improve your sleep so that it is deep and restful, allowing you to wake up feeling refreshed and inspired each morning

✓   Optimize your mindset so that you are constantly creating the results you want – meeting your goals consistently and aiming higher with each successive win

These form the basis for cultivating a stronger presence and having a greater impact.

Presence, Impact, Influence - the cornerstones of being an effective leader.

If you’re ready to develop a sense of confidence that can’t be shaken by any outside force; ready to take control of your time so that it no longer controls you; and are ready to become the leader you know you can be, I invite you to book a time to speak with me to discover how I can help you get there.

Don’t delay – the longer you wait, the more time passes in which you could be getting results. Inspired action produces incredible outcomes - click here to book a time to speak with me.


“Forever is composed of nows.”

– Emily Dickinson

How to 10x your Energy, Focus & Productivity


Liz Whalen is on a mission to change the way we do business.

Instead of being stressed out by our work, why not enjoy the process and proceed from a place of ease? Instead of sacrificing our health for our business goals, why not incorporate the two and allow our work to make us stronger and healthier?

This doesn’t mean working any less hard or having unrealistic visions of what life can be. It’s about working strategically and from a mindset that is clear, sharp, and primed for success. It’s about cultivating self-awareness and emotional intelligence in order to drive results. It’s about stepping into your power not only as a leader of others, but as a leader of self.

Trained as an Ayurvedic practitioner, and with a background on Wall Street, Liz combines the best of both worlds into her unique approach as a coach. She blends ancient wisdom with modern neuroscience to help her clients boost their energy and focus, increase productivity, efficiency, and creativity, and more fully enjoy their time outside of the office.